How to Make Your Wife Love You Again


The days when your marriage was filled with love and laughter seem to be a distant memory now. There was a time when you felt that nothing could ever come between you and your wife. You loved each other unconditionally and you never questioned that. That changed when the two of you welcomed children into the fold. Gone were the days when you two devoted all your time to one another. Now your life was filled with helping with homework, running the kids to practice and juggling all the bills. Your wife doesn’t seem nearly as interested in you as she once was. If this sounds like your marriage, you know that you need to change things now before things become even worse.

Right now all you want is to learn how to make your wife love you again. It seems impossible given the current state of your marriage. It’s not an unattainable goal though. You can change your entire relationship so your wife craves to be the woman you married again.

If your marriage means everything to you and you want your wife to treat you the way she did the day you two married – learn how to make that happen now.


What Not to Do to Save Your Marriage

As soon as most men come to the realization that their marriage is slipping away, they hatch a plan to change things. The problem with this approach is that unless you understand exactly what works, your plan is going to likely result in even more damage to the relationship with your wife. You’ll push her farther and farther away until she’s got one foot out the door and she’s no longer emotionally invested in your marriage at all.

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing if you want to make your wife love you again:

Suddenly becoming Mr. Romantic.  You may think that your wife will fall hopelessly in love with you again if you turn on the charm. It may help but it’s more than likely to hurt your marriage. The problem with suddenly becoming Mr. Romantic is that your wife is going to assume you’re only doing it now because you’re worried she’ll leave you. She’ll view it as an empty gesture by a pathetic man. Don’t go overboard by bringing her loads of gifts or bouquets of flowers.

Insisting she talk to you about her feelings. Now is not the time to push her to talk about your marriage. Chances are that she’s been trying to get you to open up about what’s going on between the two of you for some time. If she’s expressed her unhappiness with the way things are and you’re now panicked and ready to talk about what you can do to fix things, she probably will view it as being too little too late.

Acting hurt and distant. If you think that you can manipulate your wife’s feelings by acting as though she’s hurt you with her admission that she’s not happy, you’re dead wrong. This is not the time to try and get your wife to feel sorry for you. She won’t. Instead she’ll view you as someone who doesn’t care about her feelings in the least. You do not want this to happen to you.

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Marriage Savior Will Transform Your Relationship

Marriage isn’t supposed to be as hard as yours is. You’re not destined to feel like your wife doesn’t like you or that she’s ready to file for divorce at any second. It’s horrible living in a relationship like that. How can you continue to come home from work every night to a woman who doesn’t even seem to care whether you’re there or not?

You don’t have to. There’s someone who can guide you towards a better, more fulfilling and more loving marriage. His name is Michael Cross and he has developed a system just for men who are struggling within their marriages.

It doesn’t matter if you and your wife are living apart or if you’re still together but arguing endlessly. Maybe you just don’t talk anymore. Regardless of the state of your marriage now, Michael Cross can help you change it completely.

If you long for the days when your wife would smile each time she saw you and rush home to be with you, you need this system.

The Marriage Savior system doesn’t pull any punches. It’s not a system that is designed to help you work through each and every small problem you two have ever faced. It’s much more powerful than that. The Marriage Savior system ensures that your wife will become more and more attracted to you each and every day.

If you are sick and tired of the arguments, conflict and lack of devotion in your marriage, check out the Marriage Savior System now. It will completely change your relationship forever – it’s guaranteed to work!

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