Living within an emotionally barren marriage is a challenge no man should have to face. Unfortunately, many men find themselves in love with a woman who has already emotionally checked out of the relationship. You can typically tell a marriage has hit this point if the wife always seems disappointed, frustrated and angry with her husband. Being the man who has to shoulder that treatment from his wife obviously isn’t easy. Some men decide that they don’t have the emotional capacity to continue to try and rebuild the marriage and those are the men who sit expectantly waiting for their wife to ask for a divorce. There is an entire category of men who aren’t ready to give up just yet. These are the men who are intent on winning back the love of their wife. They make a firm decision to put all their energy into saving the marriage. If you’re a man who feels that his marriage is too important to let go of, there are ways you can ignite the love your wife once felt for you. In fact, with the right amount of effort, insight and resilience, you can create an emotional connection between you and your wife that is stronger than ever.

Tell Your Wife How Important the Marriage is to You

Many couples, particularly those who have been together for some time, simply let nature take its course when it comes to their connection. In other words, they don’t put any real effort into keeping the marriage alive and thriving.

These are generally the couples who have very full and complicated lives. They may have children to nurture and raise, along with bills to balance and demanding careers to focus on. Within all that turmoil, the marriage fades into the background and since no one is paying any attention to it, it eventually withers away and dies.

As much insight as you may believe your wife has, she may not be aware of just how vitally important the marriage is to you. Sit her down and explain to her that you treasure her and the life that you two have built together. Explain that you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the marriage doesn’t fall apart. This is likely going to be a difficult conversation but it’s important. You’ll want to preface the conversation by telling your wife that what you have to discuss with her is very serious. It’s imperative that she understands that the matter of your marriage and the challenges that you two are facing is weighing heavily on your mind.

Depending on whether or not your wife has openly expressed to you that she’s not in love with you anymore, it may be worthwhile to tell her that you recognize that her feelings have indeed changed. You don’t want to put her in a position in which she feels that you aren’t aware of the shift in her feelings for you. Explain that you know it’s not the same as when you two first wed, but you’re determined to improve things, beginning now.

Make Your Wife Your Number One Priority

Winning your wife’s love back has to begin with making her the top priority within your life. This may prove challenging if you have children or a career that demands most of your time. Naturally you can’t forgo all other responsibilities within your life to focus solely on your wife, but you must ensure that she feels that she’s the most important person to you.

That may mean juggling your schedule a bit to make certain you have time each and every day to devote to your wife. Perhaps you can plan on going in to work a bit later each morning so you two can have a leisurely breakfast together after the children have gone off to school. It may mean working less weekends so you can focus more on doing things with your wife, instead of briefly talking to her on the phone in between meetings and deadlines.

For many men they simply need to travel back in time within their minds to when they first met their wife and the way they treated her then. Your situation may have changed dramatically since then including your life’s responsibilities, but if your love and devotion for her hasn’t, you must make her see that you feel exactly the same way about her now as you did then.

Dating your wife again may seem like a silly proposition but it has real value. Depending on your family budget it may not be plausible for the two of you to dine out at expensive restaurants or go to the opera or the theater. However, you can take your wife for a picnic dinner to a local park or even rent a movie that you both have long wanted to see. Make some popcorn, grab a couple of sodas and settle on the sofa with your wife after the kids have gone to bed. Any time that you two can spend alone together will help strengthen the bond you share.

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Have you ever felt as though your wife is deliberately avoiding you? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. Many men struggle with a marriage in which they feel they’re virtually on their own. Their wife is there in body, but arguably she’s not there in either soul or emotions. The relationship just seems to go through the emotions, day-after-day with the only interaction between the couple being that of strained conversations focused on the children or who will take care of what household chores. Any man who has lived in this situation knows it’s a miserable and unfulfilling existence. You can’t continue with this long term unless you enjoy being one part of a cold, distant and emotionally vacant marriage. You have to make the step forward to change this. You can transform the dynamic between you and your wife so the relationship is loving, compassionate and supportive for you both.

Express What You’re Feeling to Your Wife

Even though you feel that your wife likely won’t listen to you, it’s vitally important that you express to her what you’re feeling. Obviously, just boldly stating that you feel that she’s avoiding you will likely make her defensive and the problem will just escalate. You must approach her in a way that will help her to see that you aren’t attacking her but your goal is to persuade her to understand that your marriage could be much better than it currently is.

A very productive approach to take is to speak to your wife first about how much you value the marriage and your role as her husband. Explain, in pointed detail, why you’re so grateful and happy to be married to her. Make it very clear to your wife that you believe in the marriage and in the connection that the two of you share. Once you’ve explained how much the marriage means to you, you can then bring up the point that you feel that you and she aren’t as connected as you once were. It’s very important that you don’t blindly point the finger of blame at her. You don’t want her to become overly defensive.

Plan Specific Activities for the Two of You

You’re going to have to take the lead when it comes to getting your wife to reinvest herself in the marriage. This is clearly a case of showing her what you need as opposed to telling her. By taking the initiative to do more with your wife, you’ll be showing her just how much you value the time the two of you spend together.

The plans you make don’t have to be extravagant. They should, in fact, just be normal day-to-day activities that you two used to do together, but no longer make the effort to share. A great example is cooking dinner or exercising. Even going out for a simple dinner once a week without the kids can really help the two of you reconnect on a deeper level.

You may find that you have to coax your wife to want to participate at first. This is especially true if she’s made a point of not wanting to do much of anything with you in the recent past. Just keep encouraging her to spend time with you. If she starts to sense that this is incredibly important to you, she’ll eventually want to participate and before she realizes it, she’ll be enjoying the time you two recommit to one another.

Shower Your Wife with Love and Affection

One of the main reasons many women begin to ignore their husbands is they feel ignored themselves. Family life can become very busy and it’s often hard to recognize when you’re not giving your spouse the attention and affection that they crave. If your wife feels that you’ve put other people or other things before her for too long, she may retaliate by paying less attention to you as well. She may not even fully recognize that she’s doing this.

Start treating your wife the way she wants to be treated. If you’re unsure how that is, think back to when you two first married, and how you doted on her. Obviously now you have a much busier life, but it’s essential that you carve time out of your schedule to spend showing your wife the depth of your love for her.

Simple gestures such as bringing home flowers or a cup of her favorite coffee will go a long way towards demonstrating your feelings. Taking on more household chores may seem unrelated to improving your marriage, but it sends a very clear message to your wife that you want to help her in any way you can.

By putting in extra effort to make your wife understand the depth of your love, you’ll be reigniting your marriage. Your wife isn’t going to be able to avoid the fact that you truly and deeply love and adore her. After all, isn’t the effort you put in worth it if it means your wife will not only stop avoiding you, but will embrace the marriage and you again?


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Remember back when you first met your wife? Depending on how long the two of you have been married, it may be a struggle to recall all the details of that momentous day. It doesn’t take much effort to remember how you felt though. There was that unmistakable rush of emotional adrenaline that poured over you as you realized that you’d met a remarkable woman who would play a monumental role in your life.  Time and circumstance have probably altered the connection you two share. With the introduction of bills, mortgages, work schedules and newborns into the relationship the bond between a man and a woman shifts, changes and bends to accommodate all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, sometimes the distance that develops between a couple strains their connection to the point where they no longer feel like romantic partners. When a man realizes that his wife sees him as more of a roommate or best friend than life mate, it can be very disheartening. It’s not necessarily the beginning of the end of the marriage though. If you’re determined and armed with the right knowledge and insight, you can make your wife fall for you all over again.

Rediscover Who She is Now

The woman you married and the woman you’re sharing your life with now are obviously one in the same. There are moments when it may feel that’s not the case at all. When you met and married your wife her life was in a much different place than it is now. She likely had less responsibility and less stress to deal with. You may have been her major focus back then and as her life has transformed, that focus shifted.

It’s important that you take some time to get to know the woman your wife is today. Spend time each and every day talking to her about her life. Engage her in conversations that deal with subjects that are important to her whether that’s talking about a project she’s working on at her office, or something that is going on with the children. Show your wife, through your actions, that you care about who she is and the things that matter to her. Get more involved in her life by offering an ear for her to bend if she needs someone to bounce ideas off of or just a compassionate friend to listen. By showing more interest in the woman she is, you’ll be showing more interest in her as your life partner. That will inevitably help her to feel closer to you emotionally again.

Give Her the Emotional Support She Needs

Men and women vary immensely in many areas and that’s especially true when it comes to emotions. If a woman doesn’t feel that she has her husband’s complete emotional support that can lead to her feeling disconnected from him. Although you may not be overly comfortable with the idea of talking about your emotions and how they relate to your marriage, this may be a crucial element for your wife to have in order to feel satisfied with the connection you two share.

Speak to your wife openly about what she’s feeling. Invite her to share what’s bothering her about the marriage and what you can do to improve within your role as her husband. You have to enter into a conversation like this with your defenses down and an open mind. Inevitably, during the course of a discussion like this your wife is going to point out things about you that may feel very unflattering.

You can weather the emotional storm of this much better if you view it as a lesson in how to improve your marriage. Take your wife’s criticisms to heart and then discuss with her in a very straightforward and simple way what you can do to improve the man and partner that you are. If your wife senses and believes that you’re genuine in your commitment to change for the better, she’ll reinvest herself in the marriage.

Shower Your Wife With Your Devotion

Some women feel less connected to their husbands because they feel taken for granted. This happens even in marriages where the man feels he’s deeply devoted to his wife. In his quest to provide the best possible life for her and their children, he loses sight of the fact that he’s not showing her how much she means to him on a daily basis.

Tell your wife that you love her each and every day. Take on small tasks that demonstrate that fact. A good start is to do some of the chores that she would normally do herself. If she comes home from a long day at work to discover you’ve cooked her dinner, that’s going to be touching to her. The same is true if you clean the house or do some of the laundry occasionally. This shows your wife that you’re thinking of her and you want to lighten her burden.

You may think that bringing home a bouquet of flowers to your wife is silly or cheesy, but it’s not at all. A simple gesture like that can mean the world to a woman who feels her husband doesn’t appreciate the partner that she is. Sending her a text message during the day telling her how excited you are to see her can also spark her feelings all over again.

Start showing your wife, beginning now, how much she really does mean to you. Once she understands the depth of your love and devotion, she won’t be able to help her own feelings from shining through. Sometimes all a wife needs is a reminder of how much her husband truly adores her. A reminder like this can help her recognize not only why she married her husband initially, but can make her fall deeply in love all over again.

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Most people will admit, when pressed, that they do have a temper. Each individual has a different degree of anger within them and it’s often brought to the surface when things completely go awry. In a marriage that can differ slightly. Some women, who have been married for a time, seem to struggle with keeping their anger under wraps. They walk through their days with a scowl on their face and a bitter word for just about everyone, including their husband. Being married to a woman like this isn’t easy. In fact, it can make staying married that much harder. If you’re tired of trying to deal with a wife who always seems mad at you, it’s time to make some much needed changes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to consider a separation, or more seriously, a divorce. It does mean you need to take more control of the situation and shift your wife’s whole frame of mind back into a more positive place.

Focus on Where Her Anger is Rooted

It’s very easy for a man to jump to the incorrect conclusion that his wife’s anger is stemming from her discontent with the marriage. That’s not necessarily what is going on at all. Many women, like men, cycle through a period in their lives when they feel disgruntled. They feel that their dreams haven’t been fulfilled or they sense that their goals will never be reached. Many people refer to this as a mid-life crisis but it can realistically occur at any time within a person’s life.

Obviously, the most direct route to take when you want to uncover why your wife is so angry is to ask her. This has the potential of backfiring in such a way that she’ll become even more exasperated with you. That’s why you need to be direct about it as well as compassionate. Just say, in a very non-threatening way, that you’ve noticed that she doesn’t seem as satisfied with her life as she once was. Tell her that you care for her happiness and you’re wondering if there’s anything you can do to help her. She may pull back initially out of fear of talking about it because it will make her feel vulnerable. Just be understanding and don’t apply any pressure to her to discuss it.

If she has no interest at all in talking about what is causing her anger, drop the subject. You have to get to the bottom of it using your own insight. Watch her more carefully in terms of when she seems most irritable and what triggers appear to set her off. Also, take note of whether or not she seems upset with others or if her outbursts are strictly directed towards you.

Take on More Responsibility to Help

One very common reason why women become angry within their marriage is they feel they have to shoulder the brunt of the responsibility of raising the children, as well as tending to the household and all that entails. Many women complain that they try and discuss this issue with their husbands only to find that nothing changes. In time, a woman may become resentful of the fact that she has to take on more of the responsibility for the family and that resentment will manifest itself as anger.

You can speak to your wife about what she needs help with or you can take the matter into your own hands, and willingly start pitching in more. One area that all women appreciate a bit of extra help with is the preparation of meals. If you’re not available to cook dinners, perhaps you can pitch in early in the morning with the making of the kids’ lunches or do it the night before. Laundry may seem like a complicated undertaking but it’s not. Doing a few loads of laundry for your wife each week, including folding and ironing it, can definitely help her so she feels much less pressure.

You just need to go ahead and do things that you know will lessen the to-do list that your wife faces on a daily basis. If part of her anger is stemming from her stress level, you’ll probably notice a change in her attitude almost immediately after you start helping her out more.

Offer to Be Her Personal Sounding Board

Every woman needs a safe place where she can confide her feelings. Ideally in a marriage you want to be this person for your wife. Part of her struggle with anger may be coming from dissatisfaction with her career or perhaps a falling out with a family member or close friend. Offer to listen if she seems troubled by something. Be certain that you make it clear that you aren’t there to tell her it’s all going to be okay or to offer your opinion, unless asked. Instead, explain that you want her to feel that she can tell you anything. If she feels she needs a sympathetic ear, and you offer to be that for her, that can dramatically change the dynamic of your marriage.

If part of her frustration in life is your marriage, be open to working with her to improve it. It’s incredibly hard not to take a defensive stance when the person you love is being critical of your role as a life partner. However, the first step to improving any marriage is getting all your cards on the table so you know what you’re dealing with. The way you handle any conversation about your connection can either make or break the future of your marriage.

Be open, be compassionate and be as patient as possible as you help your wife work through her anger issues. If you can be there for her as an unwavering tower of emotional strength, you’re both going to come through this stronger and more committed to making your marriage better, happier and healthier.

There is a way to change your marriage beginning today so your wife loves, appreciates and respects you more. You can have the marriage you’ve always wanted with the woman you adore.

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The day a man marries he’s doing so with a full heart and the very best intentions. You’d be hard pressed to find a man who recently wed who will say that he doesn’t believe his marriage will last. People just don’t take the walk down the aisle or make the emotional commitment if they don’t believe their union is going to fulfill them for a lifetime. That’s why it’s sometimes devastating for a man when he realizes that his wife is no longer invested in the marriage the way she once was. He may panic, he may instantly assume she’s considering a divorce and he may do or say things that impact their basic bond in a very negative way. It’s important for any man in this position to understand that all marriages have a sense of ebb and flow to them. Relationships are fluid and the dynamic shared by a couple is bound to shift as their life goals change. How you handle this will determine whether the marriage can once again find a positive place or whether the end is eventually going to be inevitable.

Determine What Your Wife is Missing From the Relationship

Before a man can set out on a course to remedy his splintering marriage, he needs to pinpoint where the problem is. You may think you understand what your wife is feeling but unless you discuss the issue of your faltering marriage with her, you won’t know for certain. Your wife may not be as willing to jump into an honest conversation about what is troubling her, but you have to make it clear to her, that your marriage is your number one priority and you’re willing to work with her to remedy the problem.

Ask her in a very calm and compassionate way why she feels space is necessary for her at this point. You must be prepared for her answer. Some women feel a need for space because their husband virtually ignores them when he comes home from work each day. Other women just miss the romance that was once there and has now been replaced with a sense of expectation and a feeling of being bored.

When your wife shares with you why she feels the need for some distance, be prepared to be hurt in an emotional sense. However, you need to view that pain from a place of positivity. Instead of dwelling on what your wife isn’t happy with in terms of you and the marriage, focus more on what you can now do to fix the issues. Knowledge is really the key to dealing with a wife who isn’t feeling satisfied within the marriage any longer.

Reinvent the Connection You and Your Wife Once Shared

It’s impossible to go back in time but there are many things a man can do to recreate the connection that once existed between him and his wife. Your lives have obviously changed in many ways since you two walked down the aisle and exchanged wedding vows. The devotion and commitment you two have for one another doesn’t have to be one of those things.

You may have already considered the idea of taking your wife out on dates. Many men think this idea is a foolish and unnecessary effort because the courting stopped when the wedding took place. It shouldn’t be that way. Your wife will undoubtedly be surprised if you suggest the idea of an evening out that resembles a date, but encourage her to embrace it.

Another great approach a married man can take if his wife is considering taking some time away from the marriage, is to suggest a weekend away just for the two of them. At first, this may seem ill-timed if your wife has one foot out the door, but it can actually be a wonderful way to regenerate a dying marriage. If you two haven’t taken the time to focus just on one another for a long time, now is the ideal time to do that.

If your wife argues that she wants less time with you, as opposed to more time, ask her to consider it as one last favor. Even if she begrudgingly agrees, the time away and the chance to reconnect as a couple may be the turning point for her. She may just come back from your excursion as committed to the marriage as you are.

Seriously Consider Your Wife’s Needs

Some women who aren’t feeling content within their marriage are convinced that some space is exactly what they need to evaluate where their life is heading. This is a scary proposition for a man who truly loves his wife and only wants a future with her.

You can’t deny what your wife wants though and if you continually try to, she’s going to become more and more disgruntled and will eventually just decide to pack her bags and leave anyways. You must listen to her and acknowledge what she feels and that means acceptance.

If she is determined to separate in an effort to gain some space from you, make certain that you have an understanding in place for when that happens. If you’re intent on saving the marriage, it may be prudent for you to agree to a short-term trial separation with the stipulation in place that she will attend couples’ counseling with you. That way you’ll both be working on the marriage even if the two of you aren’t currently living together.

It’s very hard to see any positive benefits from a separation but there are a few. Your wife may realize, once she’s taken her leave that being alone isn’t what she wants at all. In life we sometimes believe that things will be remarkably better if we make a change, only to realize we are wrong once we’ve taken the plunge. In addition, have a break from your marriage will put the focus squarely on the issues that have torn you two apart. It’s an ideal chance for the two of you to address them in an honest, open and productive way.

Any man who is determined to save his marriage can make it happen. You can have a deep, meaningful and unwavering connection with your wife. You can make her love you again.

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They say that marriage is a 50-50 partnership but you know better than that. It’s rare for a couple to divide everything, including time and attention right down the middle. In many marriages, there is an imbalance when it comes to the attention and affection being shared. If you feel that your wife isn’t living up to her end of that bargain it can quickly lead to resentment and conflict. When your wife never makes time for you, it’s easy to understand why you’d become bitter and angry with her. You’re bound to feel tossed aside and you naturally assume that you matter much less to her than she does to you. You’re right to feel all of these things and you shouldn’t allow anyone to persuade you otherwise. When a man stops caring about the way his wife is treating him, he’s essentially checking out of the marriage and that’s obviously not something you want to do.

Have a Discussion with Your Spouse About the State of Your Marriage

Communication is the obvious cornerstone of a healthy and thriving marriage. Many couples mistakenly think they have great communication between them when they regularly talk about their mutual issues including finances and the children. Those are the necessities of life and it would be hard to have a productive family and household environment if you ignored those issues. However, it’s important that you both delve deeper into the heart of your marriage. Getting to a place where you both feel comfortable talking about all of that can take time and effort but the end reward is well worth it.

To begin, start by asking your wife when a good time to talk would be. You don’t want to spring an emotional discussion on her when she’s in the middle of sorting through a family problem or when she’s feeling exhausted from a long and stressful day. Instead, ask her if there might be a time within the next week when she could devote her attention to you. Explain that you miss talking with her and you feel it’s important that you two take stock of where your connection is. If she senses your effort to have a discussion with her is coming from a genuine and calm place, she’ll be eager to have that talk.

Take on Some Extra Work Around the House to Free Up Her Time

Many wives aren’t giving their husband the time and attention he deserves because of logistics, not emotions. Does your wife devote herself almost entirely to the pursuit of her own career, your children and keeping your home and household running orderly? If she does, it’s quite possible that her schedule is already so full that she doesn’t have time to devote exclusively to you. This is a harsh reality in many marriages but unfortunately, it’s also a fact of life.

If your wife has carried the brunt of the household chores and responsibilities on her shoulders, take on some yourself. You don’t have to position yourself as the hero while you’re doing that, but more as the caring husband and compassionate father. Something as simple as cooking a family dinner once or twice a week can make an enormous difference in your wife’s life. The same is true if you can rearrange your own schedule so you can be the one to chauffeur the kids to soccer practice or their piano recital. Anything you can do to lighten her workload will not only give her more time to focus on your marriage but it will make her feel appreciated by you as well.

Plan Activities That You Two Can Enjoy Together

You two used to date. Of course, that changed when you became co-parents but now is the perfect time to shift your relationship back into one where the two of you seek out your own adventures with each other. Someone has to take the lead when it comes to changing the dynamic of your marriage and there is no better candidate than you. Think about the things that your wife absolutely loves to do and then plan outings that involve those things that you both can have fun with. A wonderful by-product of that is that the two of you will reconnect in the process.

It’s often hard to plan ahead when you’re juggling a full work schedule along with children, but you really need to start viewing this time with your wife as a priority. Arrange childcare so that your wife can’t tell you that she’ can’t go because there isn’t a sitter available. You may even want to venture out for an entire night. If that’s the case, consider trading childcare with another married couple. You take their kids for a night in exchange for them watching over yours.

Your outing doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be something as simple as an ice cream down at a park that you two used to frequent when you were first married. Or maybe you can go to the movies once a month. If you opt for that choice, let your wife pick the film.

The key to this is to make time for one another. Even if you feel now that your wife will push against the idea of dating again, plan for it. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that she’s been waiting all along for her prince charming to reappear and sweep her off her feet. A good solid, committed and caring marriage takes effort. Be the one to put in that effort and you’ll likely see a noticeable difference in your wife’s attitude very quickly.

There is an effective and easy way to transform your marriage back into a healthy and loving place. You can make your wife love you more starting today.

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If you had to rate your marriage on a scale of one to ten, where do you think it would fall? That’s a question that every man should ask himself from time-to-time just so he can evaluate where the connection between him and his wife stands. As you do this you’re likely to discover that your marriage isn’t ideally where you’d like it to be in an emotional sense. Many men share the complaint that they wished their wife cared for them more. That’s not to say that she isn’t in love, but those small gestures that showcase the love and affection that were once there, may have slipped out of sight. If you feel that your wife doesn’t care as deeply for you, in a romantic sense, as she once did, it’s not something that you have to live with indefinitely. All marriages can be changed if thoughtful effort is put into it. In this case, because you are the one who has recognized the marriage has shortcomings, you can be the one to roll up your sleeves to do the work necessary to change the dynamic of the connection between you and your wife.

Treat Your Wife Exactly as You’d Like to Be Treated

Marriage is very much a give and take proposition. You both give to the relationship and subsequently, you both take from it as well. Sometimes, that dynamic can become horribly unbalanced. Your wife may put more pressure on you for her emotional needs to be met, while neglecting yours. Once this happens, resentment is quick to follow and the marriage ends up in a very difficult place in which one person’s needs aren’t being met.

If you want your wife to care for you in a deeper sense than she is now, start doing things for her that you’d enjoy if the roles were reversed. That can be something as simple as making coffee for her in the morning to giving her a bubble bath at the end of the day. If you become the husband that you know she wants and needs you to be, she’s going to feel more inclined to become the wife you dream of.

This goes beyond the physical though. You must also be kind to your wife and compassionate. This can prove to be challenging if your wife isn’t always this way with you. However, a marriage can shift very quickly to a much healthier place emotionally if one person sets a new precedence by being the one who is willing to give more. In other words, if you shower your wife with kindness and compassion, she’s going to feel compelled to return the favor and eventually, in time, she’ll want to initiate that loving behavior on her own.

Listen More to Your Wife and Respond to Her Needs

In many marriages it becomes common place to zone out. It happens with couples who have been married just a few months and it also regularly occurs in relationships that are decades old. When your partner starts sharing their feelings, you may nod as they talk, but essentially you’re not absorbing anything they are telling you. Women and men are equally guilty of this behavior. Your wife may do it to you and subsequently, without you even realizing, you may be treating her very much the same way.

That has to stop if you want your wife to care more for you. You can be the catalyst for change by taking the first step towards embracing what your wife shares with you and learning from it. When she’s talking to you, don’t check your cell phone and don’t stare at the television set. Instead, remove all distractions and just focus completely on her. She’ll instantly appreciate this effort because it shows that you value her more than anything else at that time.

If your wife shares feelings with you that are difficult, don’t retreat and pretend that the issues don’t exist. If you become defensive, she’ll shut down and an even larger emotional divide will begin to form between the two of you. Marriage is all about learning to be a better partner so it’s important that you take your wife’s words to heart and view them as a suggestion for change.

Make it Clear to Your Wife That You Value Her as a Partner

One reason that a woman will often give for pulling back from her husband is she’ll feel unappreciated. If your wife doesn’t show you the same care and compassion that she once did, you need to look at your own treatment of her. If you’ve stopped appreciating her or telling her how deeply you love her, that can impact not only how she feels about you, but also how she views herself as a wife and life partner. You must make it vibrantly clear to your wife that you don’t regret your choice to marry her and that you’d do it all over again if given the chance.

Women are notoriously in need of romance and if you surprise your wife with small gestures that reflect your feelings that can change her entire outlook on the marriage. For instance, doing something as simple as writing her a short note that says you can’t live without her, shows her that you’re thinking of her as a rare and valued treasure. She’ll cherish that note and you more for writing it.

It’s not uncommon for women to doubt their husband’s love as the marriage matures. If the couple doesn’t always verbally express how they feel, there can be emotional misunderstandings that turn into conflict that never ends. Tell your wife on a daily basis just how much you truly love and need her. She wants to hear it and it will help her feel more comfortable with the idea of investing herself emotionally in the marriage again.

There is an effective and proven way to make your wife love you more. You can have the marriage you’ve always dreamed of with the woman you married.

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How do I get my wife to love me again? It’s a serious question that unfortunately many men have to ask at some point. When you live with someone every day you quickly learn how to read between the lines of what they do and say. There’s a definite and undeniable shift when a woman begins to fall out of love with her husband. She’ll no longer desire the physical closeness she once did, the words, “I love you” will often become a thing of the past and the wish to spend time as a couple, just doing everyday things will no longer be there. If you’re a man who is living in a marriage in which this is happening right now, you’re bound to question where the relationship is headed. You’re also going to want to know whether the broken connection between you and the woman you love can be healed. It absolutely can be. Before you give in and decide that the relationship can’t be saved, consider the simple things you can do now that will ultimately impact the bond you have with your wife.

Spend Time Devoted Strictly to Your Wife

Do you remember back to when you and your wife were first married? Looking back on that time now you’re likely going to realize how simple everything was. In many marriages, both partners worked in the early days and then they devoted their evenings and weekends to mutual pursuits. As time grabs hold of a marriage many things can change. This is especially true when children become part of the family and when one, or both, partners set out on a quest to capture the ideal career. There is always a trade-off when a marriage shifts to a new place and often, that trade-off becomes the close bond that the couple once shared. It’s not uncommon for many married couples to one day come to the realization that they are no longer lovers and best friends, but are now sporting the hats of co-parents and roommates.

The only way to change this is to put some concentrated and thoughtful effort into it. If you allow your marriage to continue down the same path that it’s on now, you and your wife will never recapture the loving connection you once had. That’s why you must look at this as the most important project of your life. You have to sit down, and work out a plan that allows you the opportunity to not only spend more one-on-one time with your wife, but also spend that time showing her what a gift she is to you.

Ask Your Wife What She Needs From the Marriage

Most men prefer not to dive headfirst into conversations about emotions and the problems in their marriage. However, this is one time when it’s imperative if you hope to get your wife to feel close to you again. This doesn’t have to be an awkward exchange between you two and you don’t have to end up in an emotional argument. You should approach your wife in a compassionate way with the idea of talking about what is going on in your marriage and what you both want from it.

You need to set the tone for this so do it at a time when you feel exceptionally strong. Do it in a setting in which you won’t be interrupted. You must rely on every ounce of patience and understanding you have during this discussion and it’s important that you listen and be open to any suggestions, whether they be critical or not, that your wife shares with you.

Encourage her to tell you what she feels right now about the marriage and about you. Reiterate the fact that you’re not trying to start any sort of conflict, but instead you’re looking for a solution that will enrich your marriage and get it back on a positive and loving track.

Take What You Learn From Your Wife and Use It

If your wife does share with you what she feels you need to do to contribute more to the happiness of your marriage, try not to take a defensive stance. Instead, see it as a lesson in what you can do to become the husband that she needs you to be.

Women, in general, find a great deal of comfort and satisfaction in very simple things. Your wife may just need the knowledge that you still care for her. You can show her that by telling her verbally how you feel, by writing her a heartfelt letter, or even by sending her a text message in the middle of the day expressing how excited you are to see her.

If your wife’s life is very hectic, consider helping her by taking on some tasks to lesson her workload. By cooking dinner occasionally, taking the children to the park so your wife has some alone time or even tackling the laundry, you’ll be showing your wife that you value her and her time.

Hold your wife’s hand more, give her a gentle shoulder rub when she’s feeling tense and bring her a surprise gift every now and again, even if it’s just a single carnation in her favorite color. Any small gesture like this speaks volumes about how deeply you appreciate and care for her.

By putting more effort into your marriage, you can effectively shift the dynamic so your wife once again feels emotionally bonded to you. Don’t view this as a quick fix but more of a transition toward a more fulfilling marriage for you both. If you love your wife and the marriage is the most important thing to you, get busy showing her that.

There is a very effective way to change the dynamic of your marriage and make your wife fall back in love with you again. Learn how to make your wife adore you more than she ever has before.


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Your wife tells you that you’re immature. Perhaps you agree with her, or maybe you think she’s way off base. Regardless of your stance on the issue, she’s clear on hers. It’s hurtful knowing that the woman you’ve chosen to spend your life with sees you as nothing more than a child in a man’s clothing. Her comments sting, her attitude overshadows all the great things you do and you’re getting tired of trying to please her when you truly believe you’re fine exactly as you are, right?

There’s a very specific dynamic that dominates a marriage when the wife views her husband as immature. She’ll tend to take the reins on everything from major decision making to raising the children. Over time, a man in a relationship like this will start to feel as though his opinion and contributions aren’t welcomed or embraced. Once a marriage hits this bump in the road, it can be difficult to get it back on a loving and mutually respectful path.

Talk to Your Wife About Your Concerns

Before you can work on changing how your wife views you, you must get to the root of why she holds the opinion of you that she does. In some marriages, it’s obvious in that the husband refuses to take on the necessary responsibility that a married partner must carry. This may manifest itself in a man who hasn’t chosen a career path yet even though he’s been out of college for a decade, or it can be a man who insists on splurging on things that the couple can’t afford.

If you’re unsure why your wife continually views you as immature, ask her. You must be prepared to hear some difficult things about yourself. In fact, when you ask your wife about how she sees your behavior, this may actually open the floodgates and she’ll pour out every criticism she has of you.

View this as a step in a positive direction. Try not to become defensive. Instead, absorb it as a tool for change and a means towards a closer, more enriching marriage.

Do Things Within Your Marriage That Command Respect

If someone views you as immature it may be a sign that they simply have little or no respect for you. In the case of a married couple, this can stem from any number of circumstances but it’s generally something that can be rectified.

Commanding respect may feel like an ominous task, particularly in the case of a man who wants his wife to show him more respect. But it’s often your own view of yourself that others will follow. For instance, if you don’t take care of yourself physically or emotionally, your wife may start to believe that you don’t value yourself. In turn, she’ll begin to devalue you as well which can result in her seeing you as someone who isn’t on the same level as she is.

Working on improving yourself is a simple way to garner more respect from your wife. Take stock of where your life is compared to where you want it to be at this point. Perhaps you believed that you’d be running your own company by the age of thirty, or maybe you envisioned yourself a successful investor by the time you entered your forties. Whatever your life goals have been now is the time to redefine them and start making them a reality.

When a person invests more energy, care and time in themselves, others follow that lead. That’s why you must start putting more effort into becoming the man you know you’re capable of. You can show your wife, through dedicated actions, that you aren’t the immature boy that she believes she marries. Instead, begin showing her that you are indeed a focused and mature man who now sees the potential within himself.

Don’t Try and Hurt Your Wife in Retaliation for Her Criticism

When a person we love hurts us verbally there’s a very strong temptation to throw something just as hurtful back in their direction. You may have already done this with your wife when she referred to you as immature. If you have, ensure that it’s the last time it happens.

If you fall to the same level of your wife and throw hurtful words in her direction, you are showing her that you are the definition of immature. You are, in fact, proving her own point for her. Children like to engage in hurtful banter that often results in one person being so stung that the relationship will never be the same. It’s much worse when it’s married adults who are engaging in this type of destruction behavior.

The next time your wife tells you that she thinks you are immature, you need to respond in a very specific way. Look her straight in the eye and calmly say, “you are entitled to your opinion, but I disagree.” Then end the conversation by leaving the room or saying goodbye if it’s via telephone. Don’t engage her a moment longer because if you do you will be tempted to say things that will escalate the situation until you both are hurt.

If you repeatedly handle the situation with this type of dignity and grace your wife will soon realize that her words are hollow. You’ll be showing her that you are indeed mature, calm and reasonable.

Changing the dynamic of your marriage and making your wife love and respect you more is possible.

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You could never have imagined years ago that your marriage would turn out like this. How did you and your wife go from enjoying a loving, happy marriage to being on the bitter edge of destruction? You can’t answer that because frankly you’re just not sure, are you? Your wife has declared that she’s unhappy and is considering leaving the marriage. You’re dumbstruck. You have absolutely no idea what to do to save the relationship. You likely even wonder whether it can be saved or not. It’s important for a man in your position to understand that a situation like the one you’re currently in can be viewed one of two ways. You can see it as the last step towards inevitable divorce or you can view it as a reawakening of the deep emotionally charged connection you and your wife once shared. The latter sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Open a Dialogue with Your Wife About the Current State of Your Marriage

You can’t work towards fixing your marriage if you aren’t fully aware of what your wife views as the underlying problem. You may feel that your wife has just fallen out of love with you, and it’s possible that may be the case. You won’t know until you sit down with the woman you married and have the difficult conversation that will begin the healing process.

Don’t enter into this conversation from a place of defensiveness. If you’re not open to hearing her honest complaints and thoughts about you as a life partner, you’re never going to move the marriage to a more positive and enriching place. You must be ready to hear some difficult things about how she views you and whether she feels you’re not adequately providing what she needs.

It’s important to understand that this conversation may not be one that can be neatly tied up within an hour or two. This should be an ongoing dialogue. You and your wife should both feel comfortable enough with one another that you can share your innermost thoughts, disappointments and hopes. It can take some time to get there, but if you’re persistent with approaching your wife about sharing her feelings in a calm and rational way, the marriage will only benefit.

Look at Your Own Behavior and What You Can Do to Improve It

All of us shy away from taking any of the blame when our partner decides they want to bail on the relationship. Men and women are both just as equally guilty of this. It’s helpful if you consider what you could do differently, as a husband, to repair the broken bonds of your marriage.

Think clearly and honestly about the role you play in the relationship. Are you there as much as you need to be for your wife? Do you help her when life becomes overwhelming for her? Or have you pulled back from her because you’ve felt taken for granted in the past?

Sometimes in order to repair a crumbling connection we have to place our own needs aside for a time. Look only at your own behavior within the marriage and what you could do, right now, to improve on that. In order for a marriage to heal one person has to take the first step. This should be viewed as a sacrifice. You also need to bear in mind that if you can help your wife feel more loved and valued within the marriage, she’ll instinctively want to do the same for you.

A good place to start is to consider how you treat your wife now compared to how you treated her in the early days of your marriage. Granted a lot has probably changed between the two of you including more pressing financial obligations, demanding careers and a family to balance. It’s still important to think back to the husband you once were when you and your wife began your married journey together. If you can recapture the essence of that man, you’ll be showing your wife that your desire to spend your life with her is still as strong now as it was the day you two exchanged vows.

Encourage Your Wife to Chase Her Own Happiness

One reason many women feel dissatisfied with their marriage is because they aren’t finding any happiness within themselves. As a marriage matures a woman may begin to define herself strictly in terms of her relationship. She’ll view herself only as a wife and mother and although those are very fulfilling roles to have, there is a point where a woman may feel she wants more.

As your wife’s partner it’s important for you to encourage her to seek out the things that make her happy. Talk to her about her goals and dreams in life and be supportive when she does share.

You must take note of the fact that sometimes a woman will think that by leaving her marriage her life will suddenly improve overnight. Although that can be the case when a marriage isn’t in a healthy emotional place anymore, often it’s a mistake.

Your wife may not fully understand the fact that if she does leave you, she’ll be much more on her own in every sense of the word. Speak with her about what you can do as her husband to help her find the things that make her happy. It may be something as simple as spending more time as a couple or it could be something more monumental as finishing up her abandoned college degree.

Be there to cheer her on towards her own happiness. If you do that you’ll be demonstrating to your wife that you want and need to put her before yourself. That will help her see that you only want what’s best for her which will help lead her to see the deep value in your marriage again.

You can transform your marriage and make it better than it’s ever been even if your wife is on the brink of leaving you. Learn right now what you can do to make your wife love you more.

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