You could never have imagined years ago that your marriage would turn out like this. How did you and your wife go from enjoying a loving, happy marriage to being on the bitter edge of destruction? You can’t answer that because frankly you’re just not sure, are you? Your wife has declared that she’s unhappy and is considering leaving the marriage. You’re dumbstruck. You have absolutely no idea what to do to save the relationship. You likely even wonder whether it can be saved or not. It’s important for a man in your position to understand that a situation like the one you’re currently in can be viewed one of two ways. You can see it as the last step towards inevitable divorce or you can view it as a reawakening of the deep emotionally charged connection you and your wife once shared. The latter sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Open a Dialogue with Your Wife About the Current State of Your Marriage

You can’t work towards fixing your marriage if you aren’t fully aware of what your wife views as the underlying problem. You may feel that your wife has just fallen out of love with you, and it’s possible that may be the case. You won’t know until you sit down with the woman you married and have the difficult conversation that will begin the healing process.

Don’t enter into this conversation from a place of defensiveness. If you’re not open to hearing her honest complaints and thoughts about you as a life partner, you’re never going to move the marriage to a more positive and enriching place. You must be ready to hear some difficult things about how she views you and whether she feels you’re not adequately providing what she needs.

It’s important to understand that this conversation may not be one that can be neatly tied up within an hour or two. This should be an ongoing dialogue. You and your wife should both feel comfortable enough with one another that you can share your innermost thoughts, disappointments and hopes. It can take some time to get there, but if you’re persistent with approaching your wife about sharing her feelings in a calm and rational way, the marriage will only benefit.

Look at Your Own Behavior and What You Can Do to Improve It

All of us shy away from taking any of the blame when our partner decides they want to bail on the relationship. Men and women are both just as equally guilty of this. It’s helpful if you consider what you could do differently, as a husband, to repair the broken bonds of your marriage.

Think clearly and honestly about the role you play in the relationship. Are you there as much as you need to be for your wife? Do you help her when life becomes overwhelming for her? Or have you pulled back from her because you’ve felt taken for granted in the past?

Sometimes in order to repair a crumbling connection we have to place our own needs aside for a time. Look only at your own behavior within the marriage and what you could do, right now, to improve on that. In order for a marriage to heal one person has to take the first step. This should be viewed as a sacrifice. You also need to bear in mind that if you can help your wife feel more loved and valued within the marriage, she’ll instinctively want to do the same for you.

A good place to start is to consider how you treat your wife now compared to how you treated her in the early days of your marriage. Granted a lot has probably changed between the two of you including more pressing financial obligations, demanding careers and a family to balance. It’s still important to think back to the husband you once were when you and your wife began your married journey together. If you can recapture the essence of that man, you’ll be showing your wife that your desire to spend your life with her is still as strong now as it was the day you two exchanged vows.

Encourage Your Wife to Chase Her Own Happiness

One reason many women feel dissatisfied with their marriage is because they aren’t finding any happiness within themselves. As a marriage matures a woman may begin to define herself strictly in terms of her relationship. She’ll view herself only as a wife and mother and although those are very fulfilling roles to have, there is a point where a woman may feel she wants more.

As your wife’s partner it’s important for you to encourage her to seek out the things that make her happy. Talk to her about her goals and dreams in life and be supportive when she does share.

You must take note of the fact that sometimes a woman will think that by leaving her marriage her life will suddenly improve overnight. Although that can be the case when a marriage isn’t in a healthy emotional place anymore, often it’s a mistake.

Your wife may not fully understand the fact that if she does leave you, she’ll be much more on her own in every sense of the word. Speak with her about what you can do as her husband to help her find the things that make her happy. It may be something as simple as spending more time as a couple or it could be something more monumental as finishing up her abandoned college degree.

Be there to cheer her on towards her own happiness. If you do that you’ll be demonstrating to your wife that you want and need to put her before yourself. That will help her see that you only want what’s best for her which will help lead her to see the deep value in your marriage again.

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Can I make my wife stay with me?” Make is a very strong word, isn’t it? Obviously, you’re not actually asking if you can force your wife to stay with you when she’s considering a separation or divorce. You’re more focused on whether you can persuade her to feel close enough to you again to want to make the marriage work, yes? It’s a tough question and really depends largely on what is going on in your relationship at the moment. Generally, a marriage on the verge of falling apart can be saved if the people involved want to recommit to one another. You may sense that your wife isn’t about to give you another chance, but you never really know exactly what your wife is thinking or feeling so give her the benefit of the doubt.

Saving a marriage that is closing in on the filing of divorce papers takes both determination and understanding. There is no possible way you can help your wife to feel close to you again unless you determine what caused her to pull away. In some marriages that breaking point is blatantly obvious. It could have been because your wife discovered you were being unfaithful, or perhaps she was involved with another man whom she has developed strong feelings for. Maybe it’s related to financial problems and you two can’t seem to find a way to work together on that. In other marriages the issues that lead to the breakdown stem from opposing parenting views and compromise seems impossible. You have to be honest when determining what has caused the emotional gap between you and your wife and you also have to face your own role in that.

You Must Commit to Your Wife Completely to Save Your Marriage

You have to commit fully to your wife and you must tell her as much. You may feel that this is useless given her determination to lead a single life, but hearing those words, spoken from your heart will impact her. Explain to her that you envision your life being only with her and you’re willing to do what it takes to get things back on a more positive and hopeful track. Suggest more communication between you two and also therapy. If your wife senses that you’re truly willing to put in the effort to help heal the broken bond between you two, she may seriously consider giving the relationship another try.

Many women simply reach a point within their marriages where they start to question their value. This typically happens in a marriage where things have become stale and the wife has silently been elected to take on most of the household and parenting duties. If your wife doesn’t feel appreciated by you, the idea of a divorce and the subsequent possibility of another relationship may seem like the greener grass to her. Although she may still have deep feelings for you, it’s difficult for a woman to imagine remaining in a marriage in which she feels taken for granted on a continual basis.

Become a More Focused and Loving Husband

If you believe this could be the nucleus of the problems within the dynamic that you and your wife share, you have the power to easily change it. You must step up to fulfill your role as husband as promised. This can be emotionally challenging if you sense that your wife just isn’t as invested in the marriage as she once was. But you’ll find that if you reach out to her and start being more compassionate, caring and attentive, that the wall that is there will come down.

Facing a marriage crisis like this can alter the future you and your wife will share. You can realign your connection so it’s stronger and more gratifying for both of you. This is the woman you love so don’t allow her to slip through your fingers. You can fight for your marriage and at the same time you can show your partner just what an amazing and loving husband you can be.

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My wife is threatening divorce and I don’t know what to do!” That’s a statement that you now find yourself making in light of the declining connection between you and your wife. Marriage isn’t easy. It’s filled with emotional potholes and some couples struggle enormously trying to manoeuvre around them. It’s incredibly disheartening to hear your wife say that she no longer wants to be married to you. You envision a future filled with emptiness and regret and you wish that there was some way you could shift her attitude and get her to invest her heart in the relationship again. Although it feels as though all hope is lost and you’re never going to have the chance to feel happy with your wife again, you may be wrong. Many marriages are pulled back from the edge of divorce when one partner decides to throw themselves completely into saving the relationship. In other words, it’s up to you to devote yourself to getting your wife interested in working with you to save the marriage.

You simply can’t ignore the fact that your wife has brought up the dreaded “d” word. Divorce is obviously the final and life changing step that a couple must take if they feel that they’re marriage has declined to a point where it’s unhealthy emotionally for them and any children that may be involved. The problem is that many people throw the word around in an emotionally haphazard way when they’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. For instance, if your wife and you have gotten into a heated argument with no resolution in sight, she may pull out the idea of a divorce as a form of ammunition. It will likely make you stop dead in your tracks because it speaks of a very serious decision. You really need to weigh the circumstances in which the word was used before you can determine whether or not your wife was serious when she suggested the idea.

Communicate With Your Wife About a Divorce

Talk to her about what she really wants. This is obviously not going to be an easy conversation for the two of you to have but it’s an important and essential one. You must do it at a time when you feel calm as you’re going to be the one initiating it. Speak to her in a compassionate way and listen very intently to what she has to share. Your wife may have just reached a point in her life where she’s feeling unsettled in general and is looking for some new excitement and adventure. The idea of divorce may be intriguing to her but the reality will clearly be something very different. Explain to her that your goal is to make the marriage work and to that end you’re willing to do whatever is required of you to help her find fulfillment in her partnership with you again.

Some women who talk often about divorce are simply looking for a reaction from their husband. These women typically feel neglected emotionally within the union, which is something that happens to both women and men over time. Life throws many challenges in our direction, all of which require our immediate attention. Because of that it’s easy for a couple to become emotionally disconnected as they struggle to deal with everything they need to. Nurturing and caring for the marriage simply becomes less important and inevitably one, or both partners, will begin to feel distant and divorce may seem promising.

Reconnect with Your Wife

Invite your wife to spend more time alone with you. She may balk at this particularly if she’s already been planning her life post-divorce, but ask her to consider it as a gift to you. If there is a large emotional disconnect between you two, spending more time together can help bridge that gap. It’s also a good way for you both to get reacquainted with one another. People change as they mature and if you and your wife haven’t been putting in the effort to stay close, you may discover now, that you’re both more interesting, multi dimensional people who have a lot in common. This small investment of time and effort in your marriage can make a world of difference.

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Your wife has said she’s done. Maybe at first, you had no idea what it was that she was done with. That’s understandable if you’re enjoying the marriage as it is. Many men are oblivious to the fact that their wife isn’t happy within the relationship and that’s not due to a lack of compassion or love. It’s mainly due to not really understanding what their wife is feeling. If your wife has declared that she’s done and she’s referring to the marriage and not her diet, you need to get serious about your marriage. It may feel as though all hope has just walked out the front door, but it hasn’t. You can still pull your relationship back from the brink of disaster if you have the right tools to make it happen.

Typically a woman will announce that she’s done with her marriage when she’s reached an emotional breaking point. This can come in the middle of a heated argument, on an anniversary that you’ve neglected to remember or just in a quiet moment when she’s been weighing what the marriage is giving her versus what it’s been taking from her. If she’s declared that she’s finished during a conflict, don’t jump to the conclusion that her next step will be packing her suitcase to leave. It likely won’t be. She’s just expressing her exasperation at what is taking place in that moment. It doesn’t necessarily reflect how she views the future of the marriage as a whole.

Why You Can’t Ignore it When Your Wife Says She’s Done

If your wife has told you that she’s tired of trying to make the marriage work and you believed that things were going okay, that’s a concern that you can’t ignore. Even though you may feel as though the marriage is ideal, save for a few minor issues, she obviously views it very differently. She’s unhappy and you need to address that with her now before it’s too late and she packs up both physically and emotionally and leaves the relationship. Your wife is, in essence, telling you that she’s not finding fulfillment within the marriage anymore. This is the point where you need to pull out all the emotional energy you have to help her.

Take this time to work on repairing the marriage. This is your opportunity to show your wife that you’re more than willing to step up to bat and help her find the connection that used to be there for the two of you. Often, a wife will feel that she wants out of the marriage because she’s emotionally not getting everything she needs. If you and your wife don’t sit and regularly talk about what’s going on in your marriage, you’re essentially allowing the relationship to coast along on its own. Sooner or later it’s bound to hit a bump in the road and get knocked off balance.

Start putting some time and real effort into working with your wife towards resolution of the problems she views within the marriage. Once she understands that you’re serious about making the relationship work, she’ll feel more emotionally invested herself again. Building a marriage takes time and a lot of effort from both individuals. Rebuilding a marriage that has started to decay takes just as much effort but the rewards are well worth it.

That’s not to say that just because you renew your commitment to making your wife happy that it will be smooth sailing from this day forward. More conflicts will arise, feelings will be bruised and you’ll both question whether the marriage is still satisfying your needs. These are normal feelings within any long term committed relationship. The difference between success and failure is how you handle those feelings in a mutually respective and productive way. Communication is always the key. Talking to your wife, sharing with her and listening to her will help you two bridge any conflict that arises in a way that brings you closer together.

Although it’s obviously very concerning when your wife says she’s done, you can save the marriage using very specific techniques. You can learn more about how to make your wife love you all over again here.

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I don’t want a separation but my wife does!” You never imagined this day would come, did you? You thought the marriage was fulfilling to you both. Perhaps it wasn’t perfect, but who honestly has a perfect marriage? Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though it’s enough for your wife and now you have to face that fact head on. Hearing the woman you adore say that she wants a break from the marriage is heart wrenching. Your first response may be to try and beg her to stay, but is that really going to be helpful in the long run? You obviously can’t ignore the fact that your wife wants to separate but you can deal with it in a compassionate, understanding and productive way. Don’t view this as the beginning of the end of the relationship. Instead, try and see it as the wakeup call you desperately needed.

There are serious issues within your marriage if your wife has taken the step of expressing her desire for a separation. In many marriages, one partner will feel deep discontentment and after sharing that with their spouse, nothing will change. The reasons this happens are varied, but typically the spouse who is happy within the marriage sees the unhappiness their partner has expressed as a phase or passing mood. They believe that with enough time, the marriage will balance itself out again. Don’t make the mistake of doing this with your wife. If you don’t take her sentiments seriously, she’ll jump to the conclusion that you don’t care one way or another about the marriage. Since that’s not the case at all, it’s imperative that you address what she’s feeling head on.

Talk to her regardless of how awkward or uncomfortable it is. You have to give her an opportunity to explain why she’s unhappy and how she views the future of your marriage. Often a person will initiate a conversation about a separation because they feel that their spouse will then take their concerns more seriously. This may not be the case with your wife but it’s vitally important that you ask her what is causing her to feel so much emotional distance from you that a separation feels like the only logical step.

Can a Separation Help Your Marriage?

If she’s unwilling to talk, it may be time to contemplate whether a separation could be beneficial. It’s strongly advised that you two share with one another what the ground rules will be if you do go through with separating for a time.  If you’re intent on saving the marriage you need to ensure that you two will have regular opportunities to communicate and that you’ll be granted a chance to see your wife from time-to-time.  Couples’ therapy can also be a favourable step at this point as it allows you both a chance to express what you’re feeling in a controlled environment with someone who can provide structure and guidance.

It’s important to stress that a separation is certainly not always the first step towards the end of the relationship. Your wife and you can work together to iron out the issues that you’re struggling with and get the marriage back on solid ground. In fact, you can view the discussion of a separation as the seedling that will help your marriage grow into something better than it’s ever been. It all begins with open and honest communication.

Don’t allow your wife to leave you if you still love her. You can save your marriage and forge a stronger bond with your wife than you ever thought possible. Making your wife love you again is within your grasp.


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I think my wife might leave me,” isn’t something you ever imagined you’d say. Most marriages go through some difficult patches at times, but at the end of the day, you and your wife have always honored your vows and each other. Now, you’re beginning to worry that she may be feeling as though the grass would be greener on the other side of a divorce. You don’t want that but what options do you have? There is actually quite a lot a man in your position can do. It took a long time to build your relationship with your wife, so it’s imperative that you don’t allow your marriage to crumble without investing all of your emotional energy in it to save it.

Before you continue on the path of fret and constant worry over your wife deciding to leave you, ensure that’s what is actually going on. You’ve been married long enough to know that often a wife will hurl out a threat of walking out of the marriage when in fact she’s just feeling frustrated in a particular moment. If your wife told you that she’s considering leaving when she was struggling to get her point across during an argument, don’t put too much weight in her words. However, if she told you that she’s unhappy and has been considering a separation for some time, that is obviously a much more serious situation and one that needs your immediate and undivided attention.

You need to talk with your wife about what is spurring on this decision. There are times, in a woman’s life, when she reaches a point where she’ll begin to question the meaning of her life. We sometimes refer to this as a mid life crisis, but it can actually occur at anytime to a woman. Perhaps you two just became parents, and your wife is feeling overwhelmed by the sudden demands an infant presents. She may feel that you’re not contributing in the way she needs you to. The same is often true when a husband takes on a very busy career path that doesn’t leave him much time to devote to his family. If your wife feels neglected in any way, she may believe that leaving you and seeking out someone new will help her feel valued and appreciated.

Listen when your wife shares what she’s feeling. It’s imperative that you don’t interrupt her and try and dissuade her from what she’s thinking or feeling. Your wife is an adult with her own mind and her own emotions. If she feels that leaving the marriage is going to make her happier, you must acknowledge that. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to accept it at this point. You do, however, have to take it seriously because she’s serious about her intentions.

I never advise a man in this position to get into an argument with his wife over the future of their marriage. Your wife has expressed her desire to leave the marriage. Discounting that is only going to make her feel as though she doesn’t matter. That, in turn, will make her even more convinced that she’s making the right decision in walking out.

Calmly and rationally discuss what you each want for your individual and collective futures. If you express to your wife that you don’t want the marriage to end, that is showing her that you still have belief that you two can make it work. Often, for a wife, who feels that her husband has checked out of the marriage emotionally, that affords her a boost of hope that he really does care.

It’s crucial that you see this as a time to reinvent your relationship with your wife. You two may not be able to handle this process on your own so don’t be too quick to push aside the idea of couples’ therapy. It’s also worth noting that having a positive attitude that includes supporting your wife at every turn can make a tremendous difference in the future of the marriage.

Although you may feel as though divorce is looming on your marital horizon, there are still ways to save the marriage. You can get your wife to love you more than ever if you understand the exact steps you need to take.

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Marriage is by far the most challenging partnership most of us will ever experience. That makes marriage sound like something negative, doesn’t it? That’s not my intention at all. Marriage can, and often is, a soul nourishing experience. It helps us discover the best in ourselves and the best in another person. It teaches us that great things can be accomplished if you work together. It also illustrates how deep and abiding love and devotion can truly be. However, most marriages have their fair share of low points. Those moments when you silently wonder why you married your spouse and you wish for a moment or two of peaceful solitude. That’s natural and in most cases it passes very quickly. Sadly, sometimes a woman may decide that the serenity she seeks is beyond what her marriage can provide her. When a woman says she wants out of her marriage, the man left holding his wedding ring and his heart, has to take a step back emotionally before he does anything too drastic.

I’m a woman and I am quick to confess that I’m sometimes perhaps a bit overly dramatic. It happens to the best of us when our hormones are raging or our tempers are flaring. You must take the timing into consideration if your wife has made a declaration that she wants out of the marriage. Did she say it in the middle of a heated argument about your financial situation or was it in response to you saying in exasperation that you sometimes wonder why you married her? The context of when she said it is incredibly important. If it came out during a stressful moment, you have to consider that it was said in frustration. If it’s something that she says in quiet times when everything between you two seems okay on the surface, that’s another issue altogether.

You must get a firm grasp on the reasons why your wife says she wants to separate or divorce you. If she can’t pinpoint what is causing her to feel so disconnected from you, it’s vitally important that you help her come up with an answer. There is no possible way you can work towards repairing your marriage if you don’t know what the issues you need to work past are. This can range from her feeling you neglect her needs to her falling out of love. Be honest with her when you tell her that saving the marriage is your main goal and that you’re willing to push aside your feelings of anxiety or frustration over this to help her find her way back to the relationship.

We all cycle through positive and negative feelings within our lives. Our moods and outlook are often a direct reflection of what is going on with us at any given moment. If your wife is going through a period where she’s unhappy with herself, or where her life has taken her, that will likely be reflected within your marriage. She may see the relationship as something that has stifled her goals as an individual. Perhaps she gave up pursuing a promising career so she could devote herself full time to being a doting mother to the children you two share. If that’s the case, it’s important that you encourage her to jump back into her own life while you help balance out the responsibilities of parenting and tending to the needs at home.

If you are determined to save the relationship, talk with your wife calmly about what you can do as a husband, and her life partner, to make the marriage more enriching and satisfying for her. Show her that you are there to support and help her over the difficult bumps in life’s road. It took time to build your marriage to what it is today so don’t give in to the idea of allowing all of that to slip away in an instant.

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