Did your wife fall out of love with you? Has she expressed that her feelings have changed? I know it’s very challenging when this happens, particularly if you’re a devoted spouse who absolutely adores his wife. Hearing the woman you’ve spent your life with tell you that she’s just not in love with you anymore is disheartening and devastating. You don’t know which way to turn and you’re brought to your knees in an emotional sense by the mere thought of a separation or divorce. You’ve committed yourself to the marriage for the long term, so now what? Do you have to give up on your dream of a long and mutually enriching life with your wife or do you give in to the notion that since her feelings have changed that the end of the marriage is the only answer? As with most issues related to emotions, this is not black and white and you shouldn’t view it as such.

Why Did Your Wife Fall Out of Love With You

People lose the emotional connection they feel with their spouse for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because children entered the marriage and both partners just became so engrossed in their pursuit to be the best possible parent they could be. Other times it’s outside forces that tear a couple apart. In other instances it’s just the fact that the couple no longer nurtured their connection and lost emotional touch with one another. It’s often easy to overlook that this is happening until you and your spouse reach a point where you realize you are living more like roommates or best friends, than life partners.

Communication obviously has to play a critical role in saving your marriage but the manner in which you broach this discussion with your wife is crucial. You must talk with her in a way that shows that you want to rebuild the marriage, not attack her. That’s a very fine line and if you’re feeling emotionally overwrought that line will become increasingly blurry. It’s difficult, when your marriage is splintering apart before your eyes, to stay calm and rational but that’s exactly what you must do. You have to take the stance of a man committed to saving his marriage. If you become too overwhelmed with emotion, your wife will just check out of the conversation because she’ll recognize that you’re in no position to reasonably talk about the relationship problems you both are facing.

How to Talk to Your Wife About Your Marriage

It’s important that you go into this type of conversation with some sense of what you can do to save the relationship. If you just push your wife into a corner by repeatedly demanding to know why her feelings changed, the marriage is doomed. The fact that things aren’t the way they once were is a symptom of the real issues in your marriage. You have to independently identify what those are and then work on a plan to deal with them in a compassionate and effective way. For instance, perhaps counselling is a good option for the two of you or maybe you just need to work out a plan to address your wife’s needs in a more productive way than you have been.

You can do this by being more emotionally available to her. One of the most common complaints that married women have is that their husband is distant or emotionally detached. Many men who appear this way aren’t feeling that way at all. However, if your wife feels that you aren’t putting any emotional effort into the marriage she’s bound to pull back herself which results in a broken marriage that is desperately in need of some nurturing attention.

Talk more openly and honestly with your wife about what you feel. She may not know how deeply you really do love her unless you share that information with her on a daily basis. Even though you may feel very fulfilled and content within the marriage, your wife can’t read your mind so it’s important to be more open with how you express this. Quite often, a detached couple is just in need of some time to really share with one another what they feel and need from the marriage. Start doing this today. Your wife will appreciate it more than you know.

There are very specific methods you can use to change the entire dynamic of your marriage and get your wife to love you again. Learn what you can do starting right now before your wife decides that divorce is her best option.

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