No one sets out on the path of marital bliss with the intention of not being the best spouse they can possibly be. You love the woman you married so it’s obvious that you want to ensure she has the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible, right? Wanting the best for your wife isn’t the same as providing the best. Most couples struggle at times to stay closely connected in an emotional sense when life starts demanding their attention be pulled away from one another. In the midst of all the chaos that is pursuing a career, raising children and trying to stay afloat in a sea of bills, a woman can begin to feel disconnected from her husband to the point that she feels emotionally neglected. Obviously you don’t want that to happen between you and your wife. You want to always be the ideal partner to her but do you really know how to be a good husband? The key to being the spouse she needs can be found in understanding what she wants from you without her having to ask for it.

When you’re thinking about how to be a good husband you must consider the importance of honest communication with your bride. You already know how much value women put into communicating and there’s good reason for that. Couples who invest time in talking honestly with one another about what they’re feeling are the couples who have marriages that withstand all of life’s storms. Your wife definitely wants to be able to talk with you about anything and she wants to feel that you’re comfortable doing the same with her. Strike up a conversation with her whenever the opportunity presents itself. It doesn’t always have to be about your innermost feelings. She would even love to hear about what’s going on in your life in terms of your friends and work. This type of open dialogue will help your wife to feel as though you consider her your very best friend. All women secretly wish for that connection with the man they love.

Helping her more is also a great way to show what a good husband you are. Most couples silently take on specific roles within the marriage and the family as time goes on. Perhaps your wife is the one who is always shuttling the children from school to activities to appointments. Or maybe she’s the better cook and that means she’s the one wearing the apron day in and day out. If you jump in and take over some of her tasks occasionally, she’ll view you as her own personal super hero. Most women feel overworked and underappreciated at times. If you can alter the dynamic of your marriage so you’re the one taking on some of her work, she’ll feel indebted to you and will adore you even more than she did before. Look at your marriage as an equal partnership and do whatever you can to ensure you both help one another as much as possible.

If you already date your wife, you should consider yourself a fantastic husband. Whoever assumed that marriage meant the end of dating was mistaken. Your wife wants to go out sometimes. She wants to have dinner in a nice restaurant and hold hands with you while eating popcorn in a movie theatre. Plan a night at least once or twice a month just for the two of you to reconnect. Send her a bouquet of flowers with a note attached asking her out or craft a text message that tells her to be ready at a specific time for a “romantic surprise.” If you show your wife that you still want one-on-one time with her, she’ll feel closer to you than ever. She’ll also gush to all her married friends about the “perfect husband” she’s so lucky to share her life with.

Being the best husband in the world doesn’t guarantee that your marriage will always be strong and together.

If you’re concerned that your wife is being distant or she seems less satisfied than she used to, there is a way to make your wife love you more than ever.

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