A phrase that a married man never wants to hear himself saying is, “my wife doesn’t pay attention to me.” Who in their right mind wants to be married to someone who repeatedly ignores and devalues them? Over time it’s bound to impact your self esteem and your view of how valued you are as a life partner. You’ve more than likely tried to speak to your wife about this issue but she’s probably told you that you’re imagining it or everything is just fine. It’s not fine. If you continue to live within a marriage in which your fundamental needs for affection and attention aren’t being met, you’re going to end up at the very least separated or even divorced.

Possible Reasons Why Your Wife Ignores You

Before you can begin to set out on a course to solve this problem, you have to identify what is causing it. Your wife is a unique individual and you have to take that into consideration. Something in her own life or within your marriage is causing her to withdraw to the point that she’s literally ignoring you. Men and women are very different in how they handle certain situation. It’s advisable to consider when this change happened. You may not realize it but your wife may be harbouring some resentment and anger over an unfinished conflict and that’s why she’s decided to zone you out.

Another possible reason for your wife’s shift in attitude may be something that is happening within her own life. Sometimes when a woman is dealing with stress she’ll pull back from every important relationship in her life. If she seems less interested in your children and her friends also you have every reason to be deeply concerned by this.

There needs to be a very delicate balance between getting your wife to pay more attention to you and also helping her with whatever is causing the issues to begin with. If you feel that you’ve identified what has caused the shift in her behavior, it’s important that you help her in any way you can. Although you may automatically think that talking with her about it is the best approach, that’s not necessarily true. This is a very delicate emotional situation for you both and has to be handled as such. Just boldly saying to your wife that you know she’s purposefully ignoring you and you demand that it stop, won’t result in anything positive at all. In fact, it’s much more likely that she’ll retreat even further back into herself and the marriage will be impacted even more.

Helping Your Wife Feel Closer to You Again

You have to be mindful of what she’s feeling and try and disconnect from any negative emotions you are experiencing. This is your chance to shine as a thoughtful husband and partner. You can show your compassionate and understanding side by being available for your wife emotionally whenever she wants to talk. To get her to open up may be challenging but the best way to begin the process is to repeatedly tell her how much she means to you. Let her know every day that you still love her very much and that her happiness is important to you.

By pushing your own needs aside, for the time being, and focusing solely on what your wife needs to feel close to you again, you will be building an emotional bridge that will not only sustain your marriage but will make it stronger than ever.

You and your wife can overcome this dark spot in your marriage. If you remain the focused and devoted partner, you’ll be guiding her towards feeling close to you again. Remember that it’s virtually impossible for you to read your wife’s mind. You don’t know what is causing her to ignore you or what, if anything, you may have done to result in her constant cold shoulder. What you can do is look past her behavior, embrace the love you have for her and show her that you meant your vows when you promised to stick by her side forever.

You can change the entire dynamic of your marriage by getting your wife to love you more. There are certain specific ways to appeal to your wife that will make her drop her guard, and embrace the connection you two share again.

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