My wife shows no affection to me!” Could you ever have imagined years ago that you’d be the one saying those words? Probably not. You had the type of marriage that you thought was a fairytale. You and your wife loved each other so much and you would have done anything for her. Now it feels as though you’re steadily drifting apart and you’re worried and concerned that in time, the divide between you two will be so expansive that divorce will be the only logical step. You don’t want that, do you? You want the woman to love you always.

When your wife stopped showing you affection, you were right to become very concerned. The way a woman relates on a physical level with her husband is generally a good indicator of what’s going on just beneath the surface of her emotions. She’s pulling back because she’s feeling less connected to you. You have to overcome that and find a way to get her more invested in the future of your marriage again.

It’s often very effective for a man in your situation to be the one to set the pace for the affection within the marriage. What sometimes happens is a woman begins to pull back because she’s feeling less adored by her husband. Life tends to be busy for most of us and that may mean that some things are pushed to the back burner. One of those things may be the affection that you share with your wife. If she feels less like you are making an effort to be close to her physically, she may also start being less affectionate. Therefore it’s a great idea for you to reach for her hand sometimes, steal a kiss from her when she least expects it and give her a shoulder rub when she’s had a long and tiring day. Anything like this can quickly turn the tides in a relationship that is sliding down the slippery slope towards disaster.

Just as important as physical affection is, it’s also crucial that you tell your wife how much you truly adore her. Words of affection can have a powerful effect on a person and on a relationship. If you’ve stopped expressing how much she means to you that can have a detrimental impact on the amount of affection she’s willing to share with you. A woman tends to feel too vulnerable if she’s the only one giving in that way in her marriage. That’s why you can change the dynamic of your relationship drastically just by telling her on a more frequent basis how much you truly do love and adore her and are grateful that she’s your one and only life partner.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your wife to feel even more distant from you. You can make your wife fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don’t have to worry about whether your wife is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make her fall hopelessly in love with you.

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