Living within an emotionally barren marriage is a challenge no man should have to face. Unfortunately, many men find themselves in love with a woman who has already emotionally checked out of the relationship. You can typically tell a marriage has hit this point if the wife always seems disappointed, frustrated and angry with her husband. Being the man who has to shoulder that treatment from his wife obviously isn’t easy. Some men decide that they don’t have the emotional capacity to continue to try and rebuild the marriage and those are the men who sit expectantly waiting for their wife to ask for a divorce. There is an entire category of men who aren’t ready to give up just yet. These are the men who are intent on winning back the love of their wife. They make a firm decision to put all their energy into saving the marriage. If you’re a man who feels that his marriage is too important to let go of, there are ways you can ignite the love your wife once felt for you. In fact, with the right amount of effort, insight and resilience, you can create an emotional connection between you and your wife that is stronger than ever.

Tell Your Wife How Important the Marriage is to You

Many couples, particularly those who have been together for some time, simply let nature take its course when it comes to their connection. In other words, they don’t put any real effort into keeping the marriage alive and thriving.

These are generally the couples who have very full and complicated lives. They may have children to nurture and raise, along with bills to balance and demanding careers to focus on. Within all that turmoil, the marriage fades into the background and since no one is paying any attention to it, it eventually withers away and dies.

As much insight as you may believe your wife has, she may not be aware of just how vitally important the marriage is to you. Sit her down and explain to her that you treasure her and the life that you two have built together. Explain that you are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the marriage doesn’t fall apart. This is likely going to be a difficult conversation but it’s important. You’ll want to preface the conversation by telling your wife that what you have to discuss with her is very serious. It’s imperative that she understands that the matter of your marriage and the challenges that you two are facing is weighing heavily on your mind.

Depending on whether or not your wife has openly expressed to you that she’s not in love with you anymore, it may be worthwhile to tell her that you recognize that her feelings have indeed changed. You don’t want to put her in a position in which she feels that you aren’t aware of the shift in her feelings for you. Explain that you know it’s not the same as when you two first wed, but you’re determined to improve things, beginning now.

Make Your Wife Your Number One Priority

Winning your wife’s love back has to begin with making her the top priority within your life. This may prove challenging if you have children or a career that demands most of your time. Naturally you can’t forgo all other responsibilities within your life to focus solely on your wife, but you must ensure that she feels that she’s the most important person to you.

That may mean juggling your schedule a bit to make certain you have time each and every day to devote to your wife. Perhaps you can plan on going in to work a bit later each morning so you two can have a leisurely breakfast together after the children have gone off to school. It may mean working less weekends so you can focus more on doing things with your wife, instead of briefly talking to her on the phone in between meetings and deadlines.

For many men they simply need to travel back in time within their minds to when they first met their wife and the way they treated her then. Your situation may have changed dramatically since then including your life’s responsibilities, but if your love and devotion for her hasn’t, you must make her see that you feel exactly the same way about her now as you did then.

Dating your wife again may seem like a silly proposition but it has real value. Depending on your family budget it may not be plausible for the two of you to dine out at expensive restaurants or go to the opera or the theater. However, you can take your wife for a picnic dinner to a local park or even rent a movie that you both have long wanted to see. Make some popcorn, grab a couple of sodas and settle on the sofa with your wife after the kids have gone to bed. Any time that you two can spend alone together will help strengthen the bond you share.

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