Why do married women flirt with other men? You’re asking that question from the perspective of a man married to one such woman, yes? Your wife is a flirt and she’s not afraid to show it. Maybe you tell her that it bothers you or perhaps you keep that to yourself for fear of starting an argument you’re not certain you can win. Regardless, you’re not happy about the fact that your wife seems incredibly comfortable flirting with any attractive man she sees. Is this a sign that something is amiss in your marriage? Does it mean that your wife is on the brink of leaving you or is it just harmless fun? Understanding your wife’s motivations will help you gain clarity and will also give you the insight you need to make this problem disappear if it’s truly bothering you.

Many married women flirt without fully realizing that’s what they’re doing. That sounds suspiciously like an excuse, doesn’t it? It’s not. Women, as a whole, tend to be a compassionate and friendly bunch. What one woman may perceive as just kindness can easily be misinterpreted by her husband or another man as flirting. Take for instance when a woman compliments a man on his suit. To her she’s just sharing the knowledge that she truly admires his fashion sense, but to him it may come across as a personal compliment that is meant to grab his attention. If your wife hands out compliments to other men fairly easily consider the idea that she may just be genuinely kind and may not be aware of the other message that she’s sending.

Marriage can become stale. For a woman who feels underappreciated by her husband the thrill of flirting with another man can make her feel desired and accepted. If she doesn’t get the attention she wants within the confines of her own marriage, she may go looking outside for validation. This is often the case when a woman takes her martial dissatisfaction online and flirts with other men. If your wife seems giddy after being on the computer, chances are very good that somewhere there’s a man who has the same grin on his face because your wife has made him feel cherished and special. Obviously, the flirting can also occur in person so keep your eyes out for any man who seems to be paying a bit too much attention to your wife.

Self esteem issues can happen regardless of a woman’s age or the length of time she’s been in a committed relationship. If your wife’s body image isn’t pleasing to her, flirting may be a way of covering that up. A woman’s self worth can take a hit if she gains a few pounds or if she feels that her husband is always looking at other women. A wife in this position will sometimes look to other men as a way of showing herself that she’s still worth pursuing. You can typically tell if this is the reason behind your wife’s love of flirting if she’s constantly questioning you about whether you love her or still find her attractive.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that your wife is just a natural born flirt. If she is, you’re already well aware of this because you probably were the focus of her flirting at some point in the past. She may just enjoy the thrill of putting a smile on a man’s face with a few harmless words to boost his ego. If she’s open and honest about it, count yourself fortunate. You need to start worrying if her flirting antics are taking place behind closed doors or beyond your line of sight.

Don’t allow your wife’s flirting to get out of hand. If you feel it’s undermining the foundation of your marriage, you need to change that now.

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