Can I make my wife stay with me?” Make is a very strong word, isn’t it? Obviously, you’re not actually asking if you can force your wife to stay with you when she’s considering a separation or divorce. You’re more focused on whether you can persuade her to feel close enough to you again to want to make the marriage work, yes? It’s a tough question and really depends largely on what is going on in your relationship at the moment. Generally, a marriage on the verge of falling apart can be saved if the people involved want to recommit to one another. You may sense that your wife isn’t about to give you another chance, but you never really know exactly what your wife is thinking or feeling so give her the benefit of the doubt.

Saving a marriage that is closing in on the filing of divorce papers takes both determination and understanding. There is no possible way you can help your wife to feel close to you again unless you determine what caused her to pull away. In some marriages that breaking point is blatantly obvious. It could have been because your wife discovered you were being unfaithful, or perhaps she was involved with another man whom she has developed strong feelings for. Maybe it’s related to financial problems and you two can’t seem to find a way to work together on that. In other marriages the issues that lead to the breakdown stem from opposing parenting views and compromise seems impossible. You have to be honest when determining what has caused the emotional gap between you and your wife and you also have to face your own role in that.

You Must Commit to Your Wife Completely to Save Your Marriage

You have to commit fully to your wife and you must tell her as much. You may feel that this is useless given her determination to lead a single life, but hearing those words, spoken from your heart will impact her. Explain to her that you envision your life being only with her and you’re willing to do what it takes to get things back on a more positive and hopeful track. Suggest more communication between you two and also therapy. If your wife senses that you’re truly willing to put in the effort to help heal the broken bond between you two, she may seriously consider giving the relationship another try.

Many women simply reach a point within their marriages where they start to question their value. This typically happens in a marriage where things have become stale and the wife has silently been elected to take on most of the household and parenting duties. If your wife doesn’t feel appreciated by you, the idea of a divorce and the subsequent possibility of another relationship may seem like the greener grass to her. Although she may still have deep feelings for you, it’s difficult for a woman to imagine remaining in a marriage in which she feels taken for granted on a continual basis.

Become a More Focused and Loving Husband

If you believe this could be the nucleus of the problems within the dynamic that you and your wife share, you have the power to easily change it. You must step up to fulfill your role as husband as promised. This can be emotionally challenging if you sense that your wife just isn’t as invested in the marriage as she once was. But you’ll find that if you reach out to her and start being more compassionate, caring and attentive, that the wall that is there will come down.

Facing a marriage crisis like this can alter the future you and your wife will share. You can realign your connection so it’s stronger and more gratifying for both of you. This is the woman you love so don’t allow her to slip through your fingers. You can fight for your marriage and at the same time you can show your partner just what an amazing and loving husband you can be.

Any man can rebuild his crumbling marriage if he understands how to appeal to his wife’s heart. There are specific things you can do now to make your wife fall hopelessly in love with you all over again.


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